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The Funny Side
The lighter side of Waterrail Roofing Services. Contact Us Now on 07795 972 663 or click here!
Hare she is........ ......Hare she goes
Hare #1 Hare #2
Who needs competition! Dad, did you do anything interesting today? Its twins!
Specialist installations undertaken!! Repairs guaranteed for 10 minutes! Bonsai!
Exterminate! Exterminate!
18, 19, 20....coming, ready or not! I will need roofbars for the ladder! What goes on tour, stays on tour
Cant help acting on impulse What was the safe working load?
Nice hat! Saye Cheese! Cup of tea love!!
Left a bit....Up a bit... Down a bit....Right a bit... GOT YA!
Might have been more cost effective to use a liquid membrane   Are you sure thats safe??
Might need a new roof What a HOOT! Peek-a-boo!!
Look busy lads! Any chance of some access equipment? Never underestimate the power of a woman!
There is a leak around the flue Dont forget your safety hat! Look away now!
Quality repairs undertaken! Buggar it bit me! Just going down for a pee John!
Do not try this at home! "We shall fight them on the beaches!" Got one its an old trout!
just dropped through for a coffee He Huffed and he Puffed and he Blew the Flue Down! The worst roof ever!
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